Many Hack. Wow. Such Wow (Another Hack Story)

Walking into the Hackathon, sometimes it’s hard to think you belong.  The majority of the people are serious about what they do and have knowledge and experience about coding and design.  For those that don’t, it sometimes becomes intimidating.  But it’s all a mind barrier.  A barrier for you. A barrier specifically for you to overcome.

This post is to assure you to take on your challenges.  Never fear things that are challenging. Nothing is hard or painful, it’s all necessary character building.

It will only make YOU more YOU.

As Snoop and Dre waited in line at MHacks at University of Michigan, the fatigue overwhelmed them from the 20 hour bus ride from Florida State to the mighty Ann Arbor.  The line was never ending, but they did the good deed and waited their turn. These Sluggin Slothz wanted to increase their technological capacity to be Cultivated Segways.  What they needed was a new test of their resistance.

As both Snoop and Dre are in physical therapy [for a much longer time then they like to admit] they decided, with two other Kewl Muffinz, Chocolate Milk and Lawn, to make a physical therapy guide+++with a twist~

20150117_215313 20150117_134246

MHacks is a 30 hour Hackathon at University of Michigan and there was no time to spare. They all sat down and got to work.  The first 10 hours they worked hard at the design and the basic layout of the web based app.  Within 20 hours, they got some sleep, and the last 10 hours were the finishing hours.  How would TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz, Chocolate Milk, and Lawn describe the finished design? “Wow.“

You can check it out at


feeling bad?



They did not JUST work on the web app the entire time.  That would be time wasted.  They walked around the campus, built an attempted igloo [unexpectedly challenging], went sledding wit da crew, and had a great snow-filled snowball fight. All whilst makin some luminous friends.

can you spot the camel? (lol)
do we look tired? (hint: we were)
Sledding with da crew!~
snowball fight!

Here’s a vid.

and if that doesn’t work :

Here’s Dr. Dre frolicking in the snow covered campus of Michigan


~*and a selfie by yours truly*~


and by the end! Here is Lawn and Snoop Dogg as they described their innermost feelings.


TLDR; Never take life too seriously

Yours truly,


~and the MHacks crew~


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