N’awlins Mardi Gras Style~

This is an intro to an addition of theauthentictwizzlincruncherz~

The KraklinKajunWizards formalizing their friendship

Little did theauthentictwizzlincruncherz know that they were going to expand their two-man show into a foursome during their small trip to N’awlins (‘New Orleans’ in thug slang). But yet, life has its weird and amazing turn of events. Snoop and Dre learned a rewarding lesson on that road trip from Tallahassee to N’awlins, and that was to welcome new friendship with open arms. You may question yourself as to who are the these kool catz making Snoop and Dre expand their exclusive team. You may or may not get an answer.

The young men’s identity will be kept secret, so for now let’s call them Becky and Britney. For those of you who are dear to theauthetictwizzlincruncherz, you may recognize Becky as the one who flashed (pants to the flo’) an entire balcony to get beads.


This progression of theauthentictwizzlincruncherz social sphere happened during Mardis Gras, which happened to be the next adventure. “We all know alcohol is a social lubricant, but adventure is a social magnetism” says Dr. Dre spitting wisdom.

The KKW chillin da grills
The KKW chillin da grills

The N’Awlins trip, hence, made a new group called the KajunKraklinWizards. The crew explored New Orleans  day and night through its many streets. What was new about this trip was the focus. Each crew member had different focuses. Becky’s focus was the prominent live jazz music, Britney’s was to dance, Snoop’s was to chill da grill. And Dr. Dre’s was to watch the wildlife of New Orleans.

Through AirBnb, the gang got a nice cheap pad to sleep in right outta town. Inside they had UNLIMITED WATER BOTTLES, towels, showaz, and tea.  All they ever needed to survive. ~ .

These ferocious butterflies got their beverages together and drove over to the happenin’ part of Nawlinz. That night they danced the night away and #gottheirbeverageon.

It was a bonding experience of a life time.

Next day walking around the city and feelin all the beetz.  {shown to the right, or down. not sure}

Random band the Becky stared at for a long time
Random band the Becky stared at for a long time

Snoop and Dre really liked the idea of trying a nouvelle approach. They started to appreciate the music and dance so much in N’awlins that Dre is dreaming of becoming an aspiring blues harmonica legend and Snoop is taking up the keyboard. {stay tuned for the new band= KewlBeetz} Snoop and Dre realized that keeping an open mentality during traveling can build lasting ideas, whether it be of friendships or change of habits. This duo was like the butterfly evolving from its precious and radiant cocoon. Becky and Britney started as acquaintances to the hood crew and are now paving their way to being Snoop and Dre’s roommates for next year. ~~~

Britney stuffin' it. 700 calories+
Britney stuffin’ it. 700 calories+
Brittany trying new things


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