From Bet to Better

#TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz would like to tell you about something they like to call “Motivational Speeches”

“For those that live on this earth, not a lot know about the hidden path of motivation.  In minutes you will be transformed from a simple worm to a fearless wolf” -Gary Spivey (possible)

So Sn00p and Dr3 would like to tell you a little story they’d like to call “From Bet to Better” which is about a dear friend Elliot McSkillet and his transformation to be better in the world.  He grew up as a well behaved child.  He never did drugs and always was on time…

But once he got to college he picked up a bad habit of Ketamine and gambling.  He bet off his house, his furniture, and all of his money.  He dropped out of school and his life was no longer in order.  As he stated “I was addicted to drugs.”  It was a very hard time for McSkillet and it was very hard to get out.

But; through Gary Spivey and Motivational Speeches McSkillet got though all of this madness.  gary-spiveymaxresdefault

In Other words : “He got better

Elliot went back to school and got his Chemical Engineering degree and found a job as an Engineer in Georgia!  In addition, he has run multiple marathons and triathlons.  He is also a lot more optimistic about life.  We’re prouda u Elliot McSkillet! Whose Next?!

Gary Spivey’s wig has magical motivational powers to take you to a better place.

Here are a few motivational Speeches 4 U! ( we actually R trying to help)

This is a good wake up video.  Reminds you of your priorities! Don’t be THAT WORM

Also: This playlist is really good to listen to:

They changed Gary Spivey and Elliot McSkillet’s life, will it change yours?

#GarySpivey #RIP #UwillBremembered #DontBaWORM #BEFEARLESS

Here are some folks who have taken on the #GarySpivey Challenge:


Good 4 U guys!

Peace Luv and #GarySpivey



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