Welcome to the Wild Wild West~ Part 2

Yo dawg, I herd u lyke muzik.

So now that we got some jamz, let’s begin…

One enlightening day, theauthentictwizzlincruncherz met with Snoop’s long lost relative in the land of the bear.  All this way and the three met and after took the Bart (Subway train) to “The Town” ( look that shit up on Urban) which theauthentictwizzlincruncherz heard “was the 4th most dangerous city on America.”  What a rush!! The thrill!


Snoop ‘n Dre played “Telegraph Ave” the whole way there. You know how it goes. They live with the beatz.

The next stop on the way was of course The Land of the Slugz! The land of the Bananas! The land of the Banana Slugz! The land of UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CRUZ. Bam.


The slickest slug they saw. Look at dat shine. The SC tradition is to find a slug and kiss it. lol what weirdos.

So let this tell you about Santa Cruz.


Snoop finally met up with her cousin.  Let’s call her Parlotte. She’s up thur^

So how do they feel bout this girl?

She is the hippiest, most asian-lovin’, beer chuggin’, and coolest cat alive~She introduced them to all her peeps and thus began the CaliCrew.

SO These sluggin’ snails didn’t know what they were getting into. The campus was full of beauty nd wonder. The trees were alive and the birds were chirpin’. The sun was alift and the clouds were cotton white. Ultimately: SC is a solid 8.98/10.

So where did they stay?! TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz stayed in the UCSC dorms!!! Being crazy as usual. Shout out out to all the real homies out in SC grindin’ legally and illegally. (y’all know who u r)


High Lights of the dayes.


What crazy cats!  They rode the buses night and day.  And even went to a social gathering at an elderly graffiti-maintained restaurant.  What ,indeed, was the most important thing that they learned?

“Don’t sell crack where you rest at.”

Thus ,these lively concise problem-solving snails asserted their dominance in the Wild Wild West.

They trekked into the Redwood forest till they could go no further.  The slugs lined the pathway to the ancient redwood trees that held a secret. A memory. A tree with assisted foundation. A tree house. That shit was scary.


 This was the day.  That they let go of their fears.  The fear of heights.  The fear of death.  And rekindled the love of tree climbing. They climbed this tree with blood, sweat, and tears.  (literally: Dre stubbed her toe and there was blood all over that shit)

Mid-way up the tree, there was a tree house.  And even further up: there was a hammock.  Keep going: and you were at the top of this 300 ft mastah.

As they stood at the top, and looked down at the Earth beneath them, they felt liberated from all fear, doubts, and insecurities.  Nothing could stop these speedy slugs after this.  This was life.

Just remember: Don’t Worry, you don’t have control over much~~~

1513795_10205261558077994_6727852872554512852_n1376387_10204121693822100_558798411557829317_n 10614320_10205261574478404_4818055491449895838_n

These krazy kidz took the AuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz to all sorts of places.  Those being: The beach.  Bike Riding.  Downtown SC.  The Pool of Temptation.  The Buddha hut. And Mordor. Life really… THEY TOOK THEM TO LIFE.

They cannot thank these peeps enough for the ~Groovy times~

This concludes ~the second chapter of The Wild Wild West~ in Sunny California.


Much Peace, very lov,

Snoop, Dre, Demitri, and the gang



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