Started from the Bottom (The Hack Edition)


TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz took on a Hackathon!

Let’s back up…………………………………..

2 Weeks prior to this picture, 4pm on thursday, Snoop got a message asking for her to take a spontaneous trip to the state of Michigan!  Crazy! The team was leaving at 11pm that night and was going to drive all the way to the State of Cheese State of Great Lakes from Sunny Florida.  Snoop debated this for a while and then decided to accept the invitation.  So that evening, Snoop packed her bags and brought what she thought might be sufficient for a 36 hour hackathon. MHacks.

So now:  What is a hackathon?

Its an organized event usually lasting 24-36 hours where the participants gather into groups and work on a project.  These projects can range from apps to websites to hardware hacking.  The winners generally get a nice prize of some sort but the majority of the people are there for META.

SO: 36 hours. Free food.  No sleep.  And constant learning.  (Even for those who don’t know a thing about computers.) What do you get?! A PARTY!

DSC_0776Mind you,  2 weeks later, the TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz drove to GeorgiaTech to take on HackGT with the intention of making a Sloth App, in which one can find the nearest sloth to one’s location.  What a CRAZY idea!!! These Swimming Snails were transforming into Soundproof Sloths.

Did they do it?

Glad you asked.

These crazy hackaslothas presenting their mad-decent Web App. SO META!


Crazy Kidz eating a nice half-vegan free lunch.  With Their new friend James!  Who is vegetarian BECAUSE he hates plants. Literally. OK James.



Meeting above average (sloth-like) minds.



AND NOW: People thought we were playin’ about our Sloth Idea.  They thought it was useless.  Uninteresting.

BUT THEN: everything changed when the FireSloths attacked!

They actually won.  It was their 1st and 2nd Hackathon! (For “Most Ridiculous Hack”)  But really: They changed the world.


Yes, TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz may look tired.  They Were.  They may look Happy.  They were.  They may look like they changed The World.  And yes, They Did.

Do you know where the local Slothz are?

Well; now you know.


Peace & Luv,

Snoop, Dre, Demitri, AND HUNTASLOTHA(the bear)~~


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