Welcome to The Wild Wild West~part 1

What’s crazy?

TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz! That’s what’s crazy!

One day this stylish dynamic duo decided to take on the Willd Wild West.  Dr. Dre wanted to find out more about the hippiest Cali hipsterz and Snoop wanted to visit a long lost relative in the state of the bear. So before the break of dawn, Snoop and Dre packed their bags and made their way to the airport for a long adventure that awaited them.

On the flight over, they realized that they needed a name.  A reason for adventure.  A reason to question the Universe.  A reason for life.

So, you ask, what is an AuthenticTwizzlinCruncher?

Well; I’m glad you asked!

It’s extremely simple, yet so diverse…  Nothing can hold the amount of value an AuthenticTwizzlinCruncher possesses. It’s a team that is special.  Unique.  Nothing else like it.  A team that is Twizzlin’.  Constantly.  And a team who is Crunchin’ .  All da tym3.

This is what is means to be An AuthenticTwizzlinCruncher. You must always twizzle and crunch. Simple.

So after the 6 hour journey across the Land of America, the land of the free, Snoop and Dre eagerly left the plane in awe. They were in the place that Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre were raised in.  They were home. At last.


Then, TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz took the Bart to San Francisco city to meet their first couch surfing host: Kenny.

What a surprise, he was the most hipster of them all! Two words to describe Kenny: Hipster and Loving. He was from Norway Finland and is taking Snoop and Dre next year to meet his family!  Kenny was eager to tell them all about his life.  He was a computer tech dude that worked in San Fran! Although he didn’t give TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz towels or blankets, we had a good time in the mission district.  A and B slept on a deflated air mattress and froze amidst the night, but that was A.O.K. ’cause Kenny was so cool. Him and his roommate took us all over the town and even to a Vietnamese restaurant!

10268605_10204121660821275_4285559337946214223_n   10421427_10204245603679769_5204387517692601189_n

After Kenny, these two witty youngsters took on their next couch surfing host who “only hosted women.”  At first we didn’t know what to think, but A convinced B it was gonna be ‘aiight.  And so it was; the new Couchsurfing Mastah was born.  This 35 year old gangsta took in TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz for almost a week!  The highest luxury couch surfing host they’ve come across. (They will write another blog post for their homeboy later, Stay tuned! Maybe, maybe not)

Here is B and Sid doing Laundry. #gtlIMG_20140519_174447

So there they were, in the best apartment in San Fran.  An apartment on the top floor surrounded by windows onlooking the beautiful city of San Francisco. Unlimited food, and alcohol (for those over 21).  But, we’re not here to brag….  Let’s just say we had a nice place to stay and the coolest host. 10298884_10204121648980979_7124346245820079847_n10308897_10204121657541193_3521780934348858114_n

We also climbed on the roof, which we understood later that we shouldn’t do, but its too late now.  …Sorry Sid. We also went to Costco with Sid! Super kool stuff!


TheAuthenticTwizzlinCruncherz also found this awesome alley full of graffiti in mission.

10365986_10204121647580944_2432504834317452316_n10357596_10204121675621645_8305674457181002030_n 10305029_10204121624620370_4657356797878769167_n10157125_10204121618500217_7409247823595379184_n

So don’t sell crack where you rest at?

Should you sell crack where you rest at?


Good. Lesson learned.

Part two will be uploaded later in the life

Peace and luv,

A, B, and Demitri~


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