This is how it all started.

A & B were not ALWAYS friends, although it may seem this way.  It all started off with high school, then casual encounters at cross country, they hung out here and there, AND THEN, things got real.

They were not always #theauthentictwizzlincruncherz and this post will tell you about their first real adventure.



They left Snoop’s house early that Sunday morning with a special guest.  Let’s call him Max Covick. They road to their first stop, 262miles away to Sally’s Ice Cream Shop on Flagler Beach, Florida!  What a surprise, the ice cream was magnificent and made with cows milk.  Unfortunately, it took some convincing for the two vegans, but they eventually took in the frozen cow’s milk. Dr. Dre claims: “as the ice-cream melted, my skin  tried to absorb it as quickly as it melted onto my hands.”

After that tasty adventure, the 3 baby sheeps left to their next destination in St. Augustine Florida, where they camped out for two nights at Anastasia State Park.



Crazy as it may seem, they were also near the Tallest Cross In The World.

You heard correctly.



So they did the only logical thing… and checked it out.

As the days passed for the pre-authentictwizzlincruncherz and Max Covick, they realized how fond of each other they actually were.  This officially needed a new bonding name, and this evolved to be #thewhisperingwhiningstranglers.

Now don’t worry! They didn’t strangle anyone… but this became something: a street name. a recognition.      a Purpose.

What’s up next?!

The bench from Forrest Gump! A, B, and Covick made their way to “the South” in Savanna, GA. But someone apparently had stolen the bench and it was all for nothing. “Life is like a……. bench!!” (lol)

But don’t cry just yet, because the 3 musketeers know how to solve a problem.  Instead of seeing the bench from Forrest Gump, they made their way to “Huge Pink & Grey Elephants” right outside of Papa Joe’s Fireworks in Hardeeville, SC.  It was a very inspiring moment for the three of them. They were no longer baby lambs but problem-solving snails.


After the encounter with the wrinkly self-aware animals, they made their way to Charleston, South Carolina!!!

They got there later in the evening and arrived at their first couch surfing host, “Mo the Mathemagician.”  What a crazy dude. (Covick, why don’t you comment below about your experience with “Mo”, what was your impression? Any crazy stories to tell?!) He knew jokes to no limit.  He kept us laughing day and night, and on the side: he was an engineer.  (note: this may be incredibly distorted to the possibility that he might read this in the future) We stayed there for two nights.  Mo showed us the town and we met all of his friends.  He even lived in the less-developed regions of Charleston, which gave us a whole new experience to participate in. Thanks Mo!


Soon after, we met our new couch surfer Shaun (the couch surfing masta). And he brought us to freedom.  The 3 snails were tired out but Shaun assured us that his place was the place to be.  His house used to be a hospital and is painted with lead-paint so he reminded us that we may feel funny.  He lived with his roomie Joey who also was very hospitable.  They let us paint on their furniture and we even found a used condom when trying to get under the covers of their empty roommate’s bed! And the 3 musketeers all snuggled up every night in the same bed.  But they were very nice hosts and took us out all over the town!!

From there, the 3 Snails only had 2 stops left of their way back home.

The first being “The Giant Rotating Cow” on Savannah Hwy, Charleston (which was a bit less than “giant”) and the “Giant 7-up can” in Jacksonville, FL.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.31.02 PM


That’s it for now

~until our next adventure~

Peace and Love,

A & B (and Covack too!)




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